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Editorial Standards


The mission of is to help people enjoy, study, and collect movies about historical events.

First, we are a publication that takes a survey approach to film and history for a general audience, rather than a focused approach advancing special interests or disciplines. As a survey publication we hope that readers with deep knowledge in a subject will look on as an opportunity to share there insights, but also be tolerant of other contributors who express different points of view. We want the Web 2.0 spirit of community involvement to be enjoyable and informative. Further we welcome styles of writing that spring from both emotion and thoughtful meditation, while urging the writers of both to respect each other. Vigorous debate is encouraged, but please take juvenile and uninformative bashes and flame wars elsewhere.

Historicity and Historical Debate

There is a well-founded concern about the historical accuracy of movies. Our basic posture towards the discussion is that almost everyone realizes that a dramatic film is on one level a work of art, subject to artistic license and to the point of view of the artist. Dramatic films that hold themselves forth as a definitive version of events have set a very high bar for themselves and deserve extra study rather than extra deference.

We encourage people to join our community to learn about the historical background and details of a movie, but warn everyone not to draw firm conclusions about the history based solely on a viewing of one film. The artistic merits of a film might be judged on their own, but historical judgments require more work. We hope to make that work more convenient, productive and enjoyable.

Some films, of course, are highly controversial. Some of these, in turn, emphasize one faction of the controversy, portraying aggrieved protagonist on one side in conflict with villians on the other. While we respect the feelings of people who associate themselves either way, the standards stated in the introduction above and in the terms of service preclude hostile, obscene and other grossly uncivil responses in expressing those feelings. We don't deny the right to express feelings in highly emotional terms. They are welcome and wanted if expressed within our terms of service. If not, please take them elsewhere.

We strive for rational and responsibly passionate writing, and do so with an open mind. This will include skepticism and fair criticism, but not cynicism nor bashing. Of course, being open-minded does not mean having a hole in one's head. Our standards preclude obscenity, fighting words, intentional false statements and comments designed to injure. These and other practices that are described more fully in our terms of service.

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blog comments powered by Disqus